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I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

I'll have what phil's having

Last night I watched the final episode of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, a food and travel show on PBS. I recorded it on the DVR as it aired a few days ago. In the six episodes that comprise season one, Phil Rosenthal, a creator, writer and producer who is best known for his work with Ray Romano on Everybody Loves Raymond, traveled to and ate the cuisine of many cultures included that of Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong, China; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; various locations in Italy; and lastly, Los Angeles, California, his adopted hometown.

I don’t want to do a review of this show but wanted to share a few things I find fascinating with this series. Phil is great. He comes across as an everyday kind of guy, one to which viewers can relate. He isn’t pompous about the places he visits and the food he eats and genuinely enjoys the company in which he finds himself. On top of it all, he is a very funny individual.

Last night, Phil highlighted Homeboy Bakery in Los Angeles, a well-known bakery that is run by and helps former gang members and at-risk women. They are producing excellent breads, rolls, sandwiches, and many other confections while learning new skills and keeping themselves out of harm’s way. Phil was genuinely humbled to be visiting their production site, working directly with the bakers and other workers, and allowing them to share their life experiences with his viewing audience. Phil was emotionally touched by the good that Father Greg has done with his flock of former gang members and former miscreants turned humble, successful, and thriving members of society.

Phil has one of my dream jobs; traveling and eating. I have been to all of the places Phil has traveled to except Hong Kong but would love to go back to all of these locales and retry the food about which Phil is so passionate.

So get out there and travel, eat, and if you can do good for someone else less fortunate than you, all the better.

If you’d like to check out the six episodes of I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, click HERE.

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BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front

I’m looking for a new job in the Greater Boston area working in any industry as a risk analyst (think security, not financial), intelligence professional, instructor, or other related or complementary job title, and break into middle management with a path to the upper echelons.  There, I said it. My BLUF.

When I was in grade school, middle school, high school and college, I was taught to write out a topic sentence or thesis statement, something that we were going to prove. Then we were encouraged to lay out two to three examples and finish with a conclusion derived from the topic sentence.

When I got to the “real world” they told me that all the stuff I learned about writing topic sentences and thesis statements and putting the conclusion at the bottom of the paper was all backwards. They, the royal they that is, told me that I had to put the Bottom Line Up Front, because nobody would have the time to read or care to read my entire article or thesis, to MAYBE learn something new. They wanted the conclusion up front, accessible, easy on the eyes and in bold. If they liked what I saw then they might read through some of the piece.

Why do I bring this up when my BLUF was job search related? Twitter seems to follow this lesson. Tell us about your cat or your coffee or the weather in 140 characters or less. If we like it, we’ll open the image or click on the associated story or watch the video. Then we’ll tell our friends about it in 140 characters or less too. But what happens when you have lots to tell and you don’t know what your listener wants or needs to hear? How does one tell a potential employer all about your skills, abilities, global travel experiences, impressive ability to prioritize, and the time you stayed up all night at your first grown-up job making copies for an attorney in the World Trade Center in NYC listening to the building creak as the wind swayed the tower back and forth, in 140 characters or less?.

A resume is supposed to highlight your skills or your previous duties, hopefully aligned with the job to which you are applying. The cover letter is supposed to summarize the resume addressing specific needs of the employer and how you might be the best fit for the position. Is there not a better way?

If you know about it, please let me know. I’m wasting too much time on the computer, typing, emailing and connecting with no tangible results. I’ve got multiple versions of my resume. Which one do you want to see? And, see the BLUF.

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New Etsy Shop Shill

Hello friends, family, and all others,

It has been a hugely long time since I’ve written but I’d like to take this time to share with you the GRAND OPENING of my wife’s Etsy shop. Located in the greater Boston area, she has made a name for herself planning children’s birthday parties, baking specialty cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. Yesterday, she began a small Etsy shop to sell labels, perfect for tying around a Holiday or birthday present. They are festive, colorful, and handmade. If you find these type of handmade goods exceptional like I do, please pass this link along to your friends and family worldwide. If you have any special requests, I know that Jessica can handle them.

So, without further ado, here is the live link to the Aqua Sotto Etsy Shop.

Aqua Sotto Etsy Shop

Thank you for your support.

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Epicurus & the Holidays


“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you have was once among the things you only hoped for.” – Epicurus

     What is it about the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers that seems to apply so much to our lives today while those most prominent in our society disappear after their 15 minutes of fame? Those ancient dudes really had staying power. Lets dig a bit deeper and ask why.

     I am not an expert or claim to have significant knowledge about the ancients but I can recognize when those who came before us had something worthwhile to say that might still relevant. Were they smarter than us? Maybe not. Afterall, they didn’t have DWTS or David Hasselhoff and took the 9 o’clock donkey to work. They did however, seem to possess a penchant for seeing beyond their years and beyond themselves and understanding what may come after they were long gone. The ancients seemed to understand some universal truths that would be relevant for generations and generations to come. They definitely had more time on their hands and did not have smart phones that kept them tethered to everyone else. They certainly did not have Justin Bieber to mock or Lance Armstrong to castigate.

     I am guilty of looking toward the future and being disappointed because I want more and cannot have them yet. With that, I write this post for myself, and if you’d like to add it to your thoughts then we’ll all be better for it, I think. I shall try to live more in the present and be happier with the love from my family and friends of today. I will try to not look past the “things” in my possession, secretly (or openly) hoping for more.

    My wife does not let me forget however, that we cannot always be satisfied with our present situation or we shall never strive for more or better in the future.  We just cannot forget that what we have now, whether physical or emotional, are things that we did not have at some point in the past and should take the time to appreciate them more.

     Happy Holidays!

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Go Blue!


Go Blue! Watching college football, especially Michigan, is one of my favorite Saturday activities. I did not go to Michigan but lived near the school as a child at the same time I figured out what sports were. I have been a fan since the late 1980s. Can’t wait for tonight’s game!

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