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Battle Road & America


I do not want to discuss our most recent election but I can’t help think about this country as I wind my way to work each morning and when I return in the evening.  You see, the marker above is just one of many historical sites/structures I pass along my route.  The below image is of Nathan Meriam’s House in Concord, MA where, on April 19, 1775, the first shots of what would become the American Revolutionary War, were fired.


What connects this location to the 2012 elections?  While this country had not formally declared its independence yet, on this day in April 1775, we came together as 13 colonies, to fight for what we believed, the right to self-determination and self-governance. While the colonies were rather homogenous at that time in terms of beliefs and relative puritanical views, the southern plantation owner might have had different opinions than the dockworker in Boston Harbor and would not agree 100% on how best to govern our colonies.

What we need today is to come together to work toward a common goal: the betterment of this country in all areas.  Like the inhabitants of the colonies who could not afford to lose their fight, we cannot afford to let partisanship get in the way of fixing this great country and ridding it of the ills we ALL face.

Use the following links to write a quick email to your Congressman or Congresswoman.  Urge your county representatives or local district representatives to put partisanship behind and work together. Send a tweet, text message, email, phone call or snail mail to your reps and let them know how they should be representing us.

We need strong leaders, surely, but being strong does not mean being stubborn and playing a zero-sum game so that no progress is made.

As an aside, my wife can claim roots to the first skirmish of the Revolutionary War. One of her descendants is captain John Parker, who led the Lexington militia against the British. Over a century ago, he was famously cast as the statue standing proud at the head of Battle Green in Lexington, MA. He is known as the Minute Man Statue or the Lexington Minute Man.


I am quite certain our founding fathers would be amazed, dumbfounded and dismayed to find out what a stubborn, uncompromising and divided people we have become!


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